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Connect to Succeed

Ardian Group, Inc. is an industry leader in cloud-based enterprise, project management platform, and software solutions delivering powerful and secure data management solutions for the most demanding organizations in the world.

Ardian’s growing platform of solutions offers an end-to-end approach that allows you to ensure your projects or facilities are secure and streamlined — so you can focus on what really matters to you: connecting with your audience.

Database Technology

Get the most value out of your data with the AGEMS Platform (PAAS) and its powerful hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP). Leverage the power of our platform’s on-demand capabilities for maximum control and efficiency.

Project Management

Our methodologies are battle tested, yet nimble enough for the constantly evolving solutions required for a project of any complexity.

Field Operations

Our team is skilled at managing multiple priorities and directing projects where timely acquisition, allocation of resources, and an awareness of political sensibilities are mission critical.

Risk Management & Security

Effective risk assessment, management, and security require an experienced approach and convergent architecture.